The Family

Brian, father of the group, has that high lonesome tenor voice that is so distinct to Bluegrass bands. His emotive lead vocals and fine-tuned harmonies give the band it’s definition and character. Brian carries a large part of the musical rhythm section with his tasteful flat-picking and steady as rain-on-the-roof accompaniment. As well as playing the guitar, Brian likes to step out and jam with their unique bluegrass mandolin trio. He’s the strength and muscle of the band, bringing to life the uncomparable sound that’s known as Burnett Family Bluegrass.

Connie, bass player and Mom of the family, is the pulse and driving force of the family band. She stays in the background uplifting and supporting the group as they weave their musical, magical tapestry for all to enjoy. She sets the foundation for the listener to have a peek into the band’s life by relating personal stories as emcee of the band.Her vocal harmonies give Burnett Family Bluegrass a different dimension, helping the family band with their distinct and pleasant vocal blends.

Rachel started singing in church when she was just two years old. From this tiny child, came a powerful voice that awed and delighted all who heard her. Her incredible talent enables her to capture audiences spellbound in the web of vocal skill she displays while yodeling. She began on the fiddle at age three and her charismatic playing adds excitement, expression and emotion to the mix that makes up Burnett Family Bluegrass. Rachel has won various musical competitions proving herself to be a shining star in the Bluegrass heavens.

Jess was soon beside her sisters, at age 3, in church singing gospel music.  She started her musical education on the fiddle soon after.  Jessie has an understanding and genuine perfectionist’s touch that gives the listener chills down the spine.  She can play mandolin, fiddle, guitar and banjo and she challenges herself to always raise the bar on her knowledge and artistic abilities in music.  The shy one of the bunch, her vocal skill and perfectly tuned harmonies give Burnett Family Bluegrass the lift that takes them from good to great in family band vocal blends.

Ryan followed his sister’s musical paths at age 3.  He played a very tiny fiddle and charmed many enthusiastic audiences wherever Burnett Family Bluegrass played.  Even though his cherubic grin never changed, he has proven himself to be a strong contender in the banjo-playing arena.  HIs lead and accompaniment prowess proves a sensitive touch and amazing communication between player and banjo.  Ryan has the distinction of being the youngest band contestant, at age 14, to win the Telluride band competition. His intricate, driving rhythms hynotize and amaze the audience.  The listener is held willingly and cheerfully around the neck with this invisible noose called bluegrass.

“Of all the cliches of modern day family structure, this one beats them all. Three beautiful, talented kids, wo adoring, hardworking parents… Talk about Family Values–and they’re still talking to each other!”
Emily Voorhees – Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2005 Program